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For questions related to greedy searches and greedy state-action strategies in that they prioritize or focus on the acquisition of more near term rewards than the mapping of plans to outcomes to achieve optimal or most likely desirable end states or stable continuity. In the extreme case, greedy AI system only evaluates the immediate next step. In the moderate case, the AI simply simulates a degree of doubt toward extended planning.

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Unable to replicate Figure 2.1 from "Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction"

The author explains in 2.2 Action-Value Methods: To roughly assess the relative effectiveness of the greedy and $\varepsilon $-greedy methods, we compared them numerically on a suite of test ...
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Is it possible to do K-nearest-neighbours before training DNN

The following X-shape alternated pattern can be separated quite well and super fast by K-nearest Neighbour algorithm (go to to test it): However, DNN seems to face great ...
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When does AlphaZero play suboptimal moves?

If AlphaZero was always playing the best moves it would just generate the same training game over and over again. So where does the randomness come from? When does it decide not to play the most ...
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Reinforcement Learning with more actions than states

I have read a lot about RL recently. As far as I understood, most RL applications have much more states than there are actions to choose from. I am thinking about using RL for a problem where I have ...
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What does 'acting greedily' mean?

I wanted to clarify the term 'acting greedily'. What does it mean? Does it correspond to the immediate reward, future reward or both combined? I want to know the actions that will be taken in 2 cases: ...
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