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How much energy consumption is involved in Chat GPT responses being generated?

I note this question was deemed off-topic, so I'm trying to clearly frame this question in terms of scope of response I'm interested in, namely ethics and sustainability issues associated with the ...
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What AI applications exist to solve sustainability issues?

The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations describe a normative framework which states what future development until 2030 should strive for. On a more abstract level a basic definition ...
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Will there be some promising techniques that can make AI greener and affordable in the future?

The recent advances in machine learning were mostly achieved by the hardware, and the hardware is said to continue driving the development of AI, but I was still shocked by this thread which reads ...
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How machine learning can help with sustainable development and biological conservation?

Recently White House published the article: Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence which says that the government is working to leverage AI for the public good and toward a more effective ...
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