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For questions about functioning, applications, structure and improvement of performance of hidden layers in a Neural Network.

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Why does Batch Normalization work?

Adding BatchNorm layers improves training time and makes the whole deep model more stable. That's an experimental fact that is widely used in machine learning practice. My question is - why does it ...
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How to determine the number of hidden layers and units of a deep auto-encoder?

I am using a deep autoencoder for my problem. However, the way I choose the number of hidden layers and hidden units in a hidden layer is still based on my feeling. The size of the model that ...
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Why should the number of neurons in a hidden layer be a power of 2?

I have read somewhere on the web (I lost the reference) that the number of units (or neurons) in a hidden layer should be a power of 2 because it helps the learning algorithm to converge faster. Is ...
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What is the purpose of the hidden layers?

Why would anybody want to use "hidden layers"? How do they enhance the learning ability of the network in comparison to the network which doesn't have them (linear models)?
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Does each filter in each convolution layer create a new image? [duplicate]

Say I have a CNN with this structure: input = 1 image (say, 30x30 RGB pixels) first convolution layer = 10 5x5 convolution filters second convolution layer = 5 3x3 convolution filters one dense layer ...
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Do all neurons in a layer have the same activation function?

I'm new to machine learning (so excuse my nomenclature), and not being a python developer, I decided to jump in at the deep (no pun intended) end writing my own framework in C++. In my current design, ...
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