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Questions tagged [hidden-layers]

For questions about functioning, applications, structure and improvement of performance of hidden layers in a Neural Network.

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How to learn text style in an article using LLMs?

What is the best way to learn text style in an article? By text style I mean special characteristics and patterns inherent to different authors/group's writing style. For-example, author attribution ...
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How many layers do GPT-3, AlphaFold 2, and DALL-E 2 have?

Unsuccessfully, I tried to find out the "depth" (definition below) in large neural networks such as GPT-3, AlphaFold 2, and DALL-E 2. Formally, my question is about their computational graph:...
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How does back propagation adjust the hidden layers' weights and biases?

I'm new to neural networks and trying to figure out its fundamentals but I cannot fully understand the back propagation algorithm. In back propagation, I understand we want to go backwards from the ...
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Multi-field text input for LSTM

I'm using LSTM to categorize medium-sized pieces of text. Each item to be categorized has several free-form text fields, in addition to several categorical fields. What is the best approach to using ...
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Data prepared to linear regression. Can I use it with backpropagation?

I'm studying a Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence and I need to learn how to use the Java Neural Network Simulator, JavaNNS, program. In one practice I have to build a neural network to use ...
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Are there guidelines or rules of thumb on how to stack hidden layers in a RNN?

I’m currently working on the prediction of chaotic data and I have decided to see how well would an RNN, namely an LSTM, would do. I am fairly new to the topic of Neural Networks, but I have found a ...
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How are groups created in maxout units when dividing the set of inputs 𝑧 into groups of 𝑘 values?

I don't get $G^(i)$the set of indices into the inputs for group $i$, $\{(i −1)k+ 1, . . . , ik\}$ when creating a maxout units/function, these thing that outputs the maximum element of groups: $$g(z)...
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Is ANN architecture mesh topology exist?

I'm just wondering if there's ANN architecture that looks like mesh topology at context of computer networking. If exist or possible, is layer notion still applied?
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How do multimodal models establish connections between different modes?

I am specifically interested in data2vec, Meta's new model that can convert image, text, and sound data into a unified neural network representation. To my understanding, they did this through self-...
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