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For questions related to hierarchical reinforcement learning algorithms.

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What are the limitations of hierarchical reinforcement learning?

Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning is suited to tackle many complex problems such as robotics manipulation. Sticking to this example, the basic idea is that instead of learning a sequence of robotic ...
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Is there an approach where the output of one neural network is used to choose the next neural network?

I'd like to design a deep learning architecture in which the output of a primary neural network $M_{\theta}$ determines which neural network $N^i_{\alpha}$ in a set of secondary networks $\mathcal{N}$ ...
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How to detect entities in Montezuma's Revenge environment

I'm thinking of implementing "Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning: Integrating Temporal Abstraction and Intrinsic Motivation" paper. In this paper authors used some custom object ...
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Where does the hierarchical reinforcement learning framework name "MAXQ" come from?

I've been researching different frameworks for hierarchical RL (mainly options, HAMs, and MAXQ) and noticed that both options and HAMs have names that relate to how they function. I can't seem to find ...
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Hierarchical reinforcement learning for combinatorial complexity

I want to try a hierarchical reinforcement learning (HRL) approach to hard logical problems with combinatorial complexity, i.e. games like chess or Rubik's cube. The majority of HRL papers I have ...
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How to train a hierarchical DQN to play the Montezuma's Revenge game?

Would anybody share the experience on how to train a hierarchical DQN to play the Montezuma's Revenge game? How should I design the reward function? How should I balance the anneal rate of the two-...
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Alternatives to Hierarchical RL for centralized control tasks?

Consider a problem where the agent must learn to control a hierarchy of agents acting against another such agent in a competitive environment. The agents on each team need to learn cooperate in order ...
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What are options in reinforcement learning?

According to a lecture (week 10) about Reinforcement Learning [1], the concept of an option allows searching the state space of an agent much faster. The lecture was hard to follow because many new ...
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Should I model my problem as a semi-MDP?

I have a system (like a bank) that people (customers) are entered into the systems by a Poisson process, so the time between the arrival of people (two consecutive customers) will be a random variable....
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How can I design a reinforcement learning model for a game with multiple complex actions taken at a time?

I have a steady hex-map and turn-based wargame featuring WWII carrier battles. On a given turn, a player may choose to perform a large number of actions. Actions can be of many different types, and ...
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How can I design a hierarchy of agents each of which with different goals?

I read some light material earlier about the possibility of building a hierarchy of agents, where the agents at the leaves solve primitive tasks while higher-level agents are optimized for ...
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