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For questions related to the Hopfield network, popularized by J. J. Hopfield in the paper "Neural networks and physical systems with emergent collective computational abilities" (1982).

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Why are rows of Attention Weights in a Hopfield Transformer the same?

I'm working on building a Hopfield Transformer using the github code from the paper ( to forecast a timeseries dataset with 48 variables, ...
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Hopfield networks with shared neurons

Has there been research or even a thorough analysis of several Hopfield networks coupled by sets of shared neurons? Would this work? What about their respective storage capacities and robustness? Any ...
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Change in the Structure of Deep Associative Networks since their Inception

I am trying to understand how far associative networks have evolved from the Hopfield network. A lot of the research is only available to institutions which is why I deferred to this stack exchange. ...
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What is remembering in Hopfield network?

Hopfield is a simple and traditional network. We feed into the network some patterns (Learning/Training). There is no training in Hopfield as the weight calculation adds up all the strength between ...
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Why some neural network models in the 1980s shown as circuit models

I am familiar with the currently popular neural network in deep learning, which has weights and is trained by gradient descent. However, I found many papers that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. ...
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Reasoning behind performance improvement with hopfield networks

In the paper Hopfield networks is all you need, the authors mention that their modern Hopfield network layers are a good replacement for pooling, GRU, LSTM, and attention layers, and tend to ...
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Is there a rigorous proof for finding Hopfield minima?

I am looking for a rigorous mathematical proof for finding the several local minima of the Hopfield networks. I am searching for something rigorous, a demonstration, not just letting the network keep ...
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Can layers of deep neural networks be seen as Hopfield networks?

Hopfield networks are able to store a vector and retrieve it starting from a noisy version of it. They do so setting weights in order to minimize the energy function when all neurons are set equal to ...
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