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Questions tagged [human-computer-interaction]

For questions related to human-computer, human-robot or human-AI interaction, in the context of AI.

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1 answer

Should we define and name the form of interaction and connection between artificial intelligence and humans? Do we need a specific term for it?

The question of whether the form of interaction and connection between AI and humans should be defined and named, and the need for a specific term for it, arises from the growing role of AI in our ...
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1 answer

Can I speed up NN training by manually guiding training?

I have not found any neural network training methods that recommend manually intervening in the training process while it is happening. However, some experiments I've done seem to show this can be an ...
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Creating or using a corpus for a chatbot interaction modelling for an existing intelligent tutor system

I'm currently researching and building a chatbot to link to an existing intelligent tutoring system for the domain of the topic of relational databases. The current intelligent tutoring system is ...
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How can a new metric applied for humans causing danger on railtracks?

I am writing myself and was thinking about, what kind of metric can be applied to measure the "dangerousness" of a human being on a railtrack? For example detecting if a human is running on the rails? ...
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How would an AI learn the concept of the words "repeat twice"?

In a hypothetical conversation: Person A - "Repeat the word 'cat' twice". Person B - "cat cat". I'm thinking about how a human or AI can learn the concept of "...
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7 votes
3 answers

Is there a central focus on the communication methods between AI and humans?

AI is developing at a rapid pace and is becoming very sophisticated. One aspect will include the methods of interaction between AI and humans. Currently the interaction is an elementary interaction ...
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3 votes
3 answers

How to achieve recognition of postures and gestures?

I'd like to investigate the possibility of achieving similar recognition as it's in Honda's ASIMO robotp.22 which can interpret the positioning and movement of a hand, including postures and gestures ...
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