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For questions related to the hyper-parameters of AI models and algorithms, which are parameters that are set before the learning process begins. For example, the number of hidden layers in a feed-forward neural network is usually a hyper-parameter.

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How to select number of hidden layers and number of memory cells in an LSTM?

I am trying to find some existing research on how to select the number of hidden layers and the size of these of an LSTM-based RNN. Is there an article where this problem is being investigated, i.e., ...
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3 answers

How to choose an activation function for the hidden layers?

I choose the activation function for the output layer depending on the output that I need and the properties of the activation function that I know. For example, I choose the sigmoid function when I'm ...
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How to determine the number of hidden layers and units of a deep auto-encoder?

I am using a deep autoencoder for my problem. However, the way I choose the number of hidden layers and hidden units in a hidden layer is still based on my feeling. The size of the model that ...
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7 votes
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How do we choose the kernel size depending on the problem?

Obviously, finding suitable hyper-parameters for a neural network is a complex task and problem or domain-specific. However, there should be at least some "rules" that hold most times for the size of ...
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Why should the number of neurons in a hidden layer be a power of 2?

I have read somewhere on the web (I lost the reference) that the number of units (or neurons) in a hidden layer should be a power of 2 because it helps the learning algorithm to converge faster. Is ...
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Does this hyperparameter optimisation approach yield the optimal hyperparameters?

Say I have a ML model which is not very costly to train. It has around say 5 hyperparameters. One way to select best hyperparameters would be to keep all the other hyperparamaters fixed and train ...
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For continuing tasks, is the choice of episode length completely arbitrary?

Let's say I'm training a reinforcement learning agent to act in some environment that perpetually continues to give the agent opportunities to earn rewards, and there is no cap on the score and there ...
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What is the intuition behind the number of filters/channels for each convolutional layer?

After having chosen the number of layers for a convolutional neural network, we must also choose the number of filters/channels for each convolutional layer. The intuition behind the filter's spatial ...
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