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For questions related to the concept of hyper-parameter optimization, that is, the task of finding the best hyper-parameters for a particular learning algorithm (e.g. gradient descent) or model (e.g. a multi-layer neural network) using an optimization method (e.g. Bayesian optimization or genetic algorithms).

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4 answers

How to select number of hidden layers and number of memory cells in an LSTM?

I am trying to find some existing research on how to select the number of hidden layers and the size of these of an LSTM-based RNN. Is there an article where this problem is being investigated, i.e., ...
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3 answers

How to choose an activation function for the hidden layers?

I choose the activation function for the output layer depending on the output that I need and the properties of the activation function that I know. For example, I choose the sigmoid function when I'm ...
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5 votes
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Why do we need both the validation set and test set?

I know that this has been asked a hundred times before, however, I was not able to find a question (and an answer) which actually answered what I wanted to know, respectively, which explained it in a ...
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16 votes
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How can I automate the choice of the architecture of a neural network for an arbitrary problem?

Assume that I want to solve an issue with a neural network that either I can't fit to existing architectures (perceptron, Konohen, etc) or I'm simply not aware of the existence of those or I'm unable ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How is neural architecture search performed?

I have come across something that IBM offers called neural architecture search. You feed it a data set and it outputs an initial neural architecture that you can train. How is neural architecture ...
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How to determine the number of hidden layers and units of a deep auto-encoder?

I am using a deep autoencoder for my problem. However, the way I choose the number of hidden layers and hidden units in a hidden layer is still based on my feeling. The size of the model that ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How do we choose the kernel size depending on the problem?

Obviously, finding suitable hyper-parameters for a neural network is a complex task and problem or domain-specific. However, there should be at least some "rules" that hold most times for the size of ...
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How can I avoid overfitting when doing parameter tuning?

I very often applied a grid search to tune the parameters of my supervised model. I have the feeling that parameter tuning will eventually (very often) lead to overfitting? Is this crazy to say? Is ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What is the meaning of "exploration" in reinforcement and supervised learning?

While exploration is an integral part of reinforcement learning (RL), it does not pertain to supervised learning (SL) since the latter is already provided with the data set from the start. That said, ...
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Does this hyperparameter optimisation approach yield the optimal hyperparameters?

Say I have a ML model which is not very costly to train. It has around say 5 hyperparameters. One way to select best hyperparameters would be to keep all the other hyperparamaters fixed and train ...
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