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For questions related to the iterative deepening A* (IDA*) search algorithm, which is a combination of iterative deepening depth-first search (IDDFS) and A*.

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Operator Selection Function for EPE-IDA*

I'm currently implementing Enhanced Partial Expansion A* (EPE-IDA*) (based on this) but I don't seem to be able to create the correct OSF function. The paper says that OSF should return children with ...
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When does IDA* consider the goal has been found?

I was reading about IDA* and I found this link explaining IDA* and providing an animation for it. Here is a picture of the solution. I know what is the cutoff condition (it depends on F), and the ...
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Doesn't the number of explored nodes with IDA* increase linearly?

I think I'm misunderstanding the description of IDA* and want to clarify. IDA* works as follows (quoting from Wiki): At each iteration, perform a depth-first search, cutting off a branch when its ...
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How is iterative deepening A* better than A*?

The iterative deepening A* search is an algorithm that can find the shortest path between a designated start node and any member of a set of goals. The A* algorithm evaluates nodes by combining the ...