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Questions tagged [iddfs]

For questions related to the iterative deepening depth-first search (IDDFS) algorithm, which is an algorithm that runs a depth-first search (DFS) with progressively bigger depths.

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What are the common techniques one could use to deal with collisions in a transposition table?

Consider an iterative deepening search using a transposition table. Whenever the transposition table is full, what are common strategies applied to replace entries in the table? I'm aware of two ...
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When should the iterative deepening search and the depth-limited search be used?

When should the iterative deepening search (IDS), also called iterative deepening depth-first search (IDDFS), and the depth-limited search be used?
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Why do iterative deepening search start from the root each iteration in the context of the minmax-algorithm?

Consider the graph below for an understanding on how IDS work. Now my question is: why do IDS start at the root every iteration, why not start at the previously searched depth in the context of minmax?...
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Does iterative deepening depth-first search expand at most twice as many nodes as breadth-first search?

My understanding is that iterative deepening search is roughly equivalent to breadth-first search, except instead of keeping all visited nodes in memory, we regenerate nodes as needed, trading off ...
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What is the space complexity of iterative deepening search?

When using iterative deepening, is the space complexity, $O(d)$, where $b$ is the branching factor and $d$ the length of the optimal path (assuming that there is indeed one)?
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Beating iterative alpha beta search in Isolation Game

I'm having trouble beating an AI in Isolation game: with 3 queens on a 7x7 board. I tried applying alpha beta iteration with a scoring function on ...
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