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Questions tagged [image-denoising]

For questions related to the task of image denoising.

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Distribution Based Mapping of Augmented (Noisy) Image and Clean image?

I have a task of training a Denoising Autoencoder which will be augmented MNIST dataset and and I have to reproduce the clean image, I have to use the ResBlocks in the Encoder(Conv Layer) as well as ...
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Reverse Distribution in Denoising Diffusion Models is Simple

In explanations of denoising diffusion models it is stated that $q(x_{t-1}|x_t)$ is intractable. This is often justified via Bayes' rule, i.e. $$ q(x_{t-1}|x_t) \propto q(x_t|x_{t-1})q(x_{t-1}) $$ and ...
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Is the GAN architecture better suited for medical image denoising than the CNN?

I'm considering using GANs for medical image denoising, based on previous literature, like this and this. My input to the GAN would be a high-noise image and my ideal output would be a low-noise, high-...
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