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Questions tagged [image-net]

For questions related to ImageNet, a large visual database designed for use in visual object recognition software research.

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My loss is increasing instead of decreasing when i use a regularizer, but if i don't use regularizer then it stays at 00000e+00 or something

This is my model architecture: ...
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Training ImageNet on Resnet - Dropping LR has little improvement on accuracy

I'm trying to train Resnet50 on Imagenet following this paper [1] as well as this one[2]. They say that at approximately every 30 epochs, I should drop the learning rate by 10. Since I'm training on 8 ...
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Is transfer learning effective when the new task has more classes than the original?

All examples of transfer learning I have seen for classification use initial weights of a network trained on a larger number of classes (say 1000 in the case of networks trained on ImageNet data) to ...
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Where can I get Imagenet test dataset labels for evaluation

I have the imagenet train, validation and test set. I have been able to assign each image in the validation set into its respective class folders with the help of some online resources. However, for ...
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2 answers

ImageNet Dataset (for PyTorch VGG16 training)

Please can someone describe how to properly obtain the ImageNet dataset (to be precise the ImageNet 2012 Classification Dataset). What I attempted so far The ImageNet webpage refers the user to ...
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1 answer

What is your training time of Resnet-18/Resnet-50 on Imagenet?

My training of Resnet-18 network on Imagenet using Tesla V100 seems to be quite slow (1 epoch is about 2,5 hours, batch 128). Increasing the number of GPUs does not seem to help. What is your training ...
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Is the initial teacher model in the Noisy Student algorithm noised?

Reading through the paper on the Noisy Student algorithm, I have a quick question about how the initial teacher model is built. In step 1 of the algorithm, the loss function is defined such that it ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Validity of ImageNet for measurement of the model performance

ImageNet dataset is an established benchmark for the measurement of the performance of CV models. ImageNet involves 1000 categories and the goal of the classification model is to output the correct ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Does higher FLOPS mean higher throughput?

I understand that FLOPS means floating-point operations per second, and throughput is the number of inputs (for example, images) per second. If a model has higher FLOPS, it means it performs faster. ...
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What is the exact output of the Inception ResNet V2's feature extraction layer?

I am working with the Inception ResNet V2 model, pre-trained with ImageNet, for face recognition. However, I'm so confused about what the exact output of the feature extraction layer (i.e. the layer ...
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