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Questions tagged [image-super-resolution]

For questions about the super-resolution of images (and videos).

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Do I understand the technology of AI upscaling of films and cartoons correctly?

With the help of artificial intelligence, it is possible to increase the resolution of images that are initially low resolution, bringing it to ultra-high resolution. Also, initially static images are ...
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Can AI/ML be used to decipher unknown text on such a low resolution scale of one or two letters to a pixel by color?

Can an image of unknown text, with resolution of about one or two letters in real life represented by a pixel (like if the image is a photo taken from far away), be used by machine learning or AI to ...
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Which mathematical properties do PSNR and MSE hold?

We know the Structural Similarity Index (SSIM) holds the following properties: Unique maximum: S(x, y) = 1 if and only if x = y Boundedness: ...
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Is Relativistic GAN better than WGAN-GP?

I am currently reading the ESRGAN paper and I noticed that they have used Relativistic GAN for training discriminator. So, is it because Relativistic GAN leads to better results than WGAN-GP?
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Why is AI Super Resolution Reconstruction more than just guessing?

I saw a video on Youtube about AI and Super Resolution Image Reconstruction with TecoGAN. I must say I am impressed. Now, I am wondering how reliable this is. I have learned at university that you ...
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Why is no activation function used at the final layer of super-resolution models?

I'm trying to implement some image super-resolution models on medical images. After reading a set of papers, I found that none of the existing models use any activation function for the last layer. ...
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