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For questions about the concept of inductive (learning) bias in machine learning and other AI sub-fields.

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What can be an example for the prior knowledge used in Deep Learning systems?

It is known that machine learning algorithms expect feature engineering as an initial step. Now, consider the following paragraph, taken from 1.1 The deep learning revolution of the textbook named ...
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Is the inductive bias always a useful bias for generalisation?

Is it true that a bias is said to be inductive iff it is useful in generalising the data? Or does inductive bias can also refer to the assumptions that may cause a decrease in performance? Suppose I ...
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Is there a connection between the bias term in a linear regression model and the bias that can lead to under-fitting?

Here is a linear regression model $$y = mx + b,$$ where $b$ is known as $y$-intercept, but also known as the bias [1], $m$ is the slope, and $x$ is the feature vector. As I understood, in machine ...
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Can prior knowledge be encoded in deep neural networks?

I was reading Gary Marcus's a Critical Appraisal of Deep Learning. One of his criticisms is that neural networks don't incorporate prior knowledge in tackling a problem. My question is: have there ...
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