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For questions about the concept of inductive (learning) bias in machine learning and other AI sub-fields.

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Can prior knowledge be encoded in deep neural networks?

I was reading Gary Marcus's a Critical Appraisal of Deep Learning. One of his criticisms is that neural networks don't incorporate prior knowledge in tackling a problem. My question is: have there ...
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Is there a connection between the bias term in a linear regression model and the bias that can lead to under-fitting?

Here is a linear regression model $$y = mx + b,$$ where $b$ is known as $y$-intercept, but also known as the bias [1], $m$ is the slope, and $x$ is the feature vector. As I understood, in machine ...
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Is the inductive bias always a useful bias for generalisation?

Is it true that a bias is said to be inductive iff it is useful in generalising the data? Or does inductive bias can also refer to the assumptions that may cause a decrease in performance? Suppose I ...
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