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For questions related to information retrieval (IR) in the context of artificial intelligence.

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Can I use Sentence-Bert to embed event triples?

I extracted event triples from sentences using OpenIE. Can I concatenate the components in the event triple to make it a sentence and use Sentence-Bert to embed the event? It seems no one has done ...
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Extracting information from bills, tax statements, etc: What ML model to use?

I have a bunch of documents such as bank statements, utilities bills, personal expenditure invoices, etc. The document types range is very broad. Some of these files are saved as pictures, others as ...
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Hierarchical Navigable Small World Graphs : Expected Number of Steps in a Layer

Paper: Efficient and robust approximate nearest neighbor search using Hierarchical Navigable Small World graphs In the Search Complexity section, the author estimates that the expected number of steps ...
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How to properly evaluate RL agents while varying evaluation environments?

I am using Stable-Baselines and my goal is to have agents rank a list of items (or rather, put the relevant items on top), similarly to what learning to rank algorithms (e.g. lambdarank) do as part of ...
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What is an efficient way to implement an contextual search for a search engine?

So I am working on a search engine and want to implement a contextual search for my search engine but would like to get some advice before I start working on it. I have a basic knowledge of A.I. like ...
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What is meant by a "relevant document" in NLP?

In natural language processing, I came across the concept of "relevant document" several times. And several analytical formulas, such as precision, recall are based on the relevant documents....
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Is there a survey that describes the most effective approaches for an answer retrieval problem?

I have a dataset that contains pairs of a question and an answer. My problem is to train a model that can search for the right answer from the pool of my answers given the newly input question, so ...
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What are examples of tutorials and blogs for beginners to master the cross-lingual information retrieval?

Currently, I am following the Dan Jurofsky NLP Tutorial and CS 224 Stanford 2019. Can you list tutorials and blogs for beginners to master the cross-lingual information retrieval?
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