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For questions related to information retrieval (IR) in the context of artificial intelligence.

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Specifying multiple sources of RAG in different formats

I am considering whether to do RAG or Fine tuning for LLM to answer questions for clients in a small business The small business is a car rental company that gets new clients call up about certain ...
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What options do I have when performing RAG on similarly phrased chunks?

I'm building a RAG pipeline to extract real estate phrases from excel documents. These phrases are short (2-5 words) and are often phrased differently. I've manually added in different phrases to each ...
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Can I use Generative AI to reliably extract data (vs. Extractive AI)?

It seems that nowadays lots of people building tools to extract data from different sources (e.g. PDF reports) with the help of models like GPT-4, LLama or Falcon. I was wondering, if this really ...
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Vector based information retrieval on code resulting in high correlation values for all candidates

The aglo: So currently I am writing an algorithm that scans over a code base and uses the "text-embedding-ada-002" model from open ai, to turn each code line into a vector. Then I also use ...
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Can I use Sentence-Bert to embed event triples?

I extracted event triples from sentences using OpenIE. Can I concatenate the components in the event triple to make it a sentence and use Sentence-Bert to embed the event? It seems no one has done ...
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Hierarchical Navigable Small World Graphs : Expected Number of Steps in a Layer

Paper: Efficient and robust approximate nearest neighbor search using Hierarchical Navigable Small World graphs In the Search Complexity section, the author estimates that the expected number of steps ...
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What is meant by a "relevant document" in NLP?

In natural language processing, I came across the concept of "relevant document" several times. And several analytical formulas, such as precision, recall are based on the relevant documents....
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Is there a survey that describes the most effective approaches for an answer retrieval problem?

I have a dataset that contains pairs of a question and an answer. My problem is to train a model that can search for the right answer from the pool of my answers given the newly input question, so ...
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What are examples of tutorials and blogs for beginners to master the cross-lingual information retrieval?

Currently, I am following the Dan Jurofsky NLP Tutorial and CS 224 Stanford 2019. Can you list tutorials and blogs for beginners to master the cross-lingual information retrieval?
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