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For questions about ways of measuring intelligence of AI, either in relation to other AIs, in relation to humans, or in absolute terms on a certain scale.

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Problems that only humans will ever be able to solve

With the increasing complexity of reCAPTCHA, I wondered about the existence of some problem, that only a human will ever be able to solve (or that AI won't be able to solve as long as it doesn't ...
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Can the IQ of an AI program be measured?

Can an AI program have an IQ? In other words, can the IQ of an AI program be measured? Like how humans can do an IQ test.
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What event would confirm that we have implemented an AGI system?

I was listening to a podcast on the topic of AGI and a guest made an argument that if strong music generation were to happen, it would be a sign of "true" intelligence in machines because of ...
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How can one distinguish between an AI and a "sufficiently advanced algorithm"?

Any sufficiently advanced algorithm is indistinguishable from AI.---Michael Paulukonis According to What are the minimum requirements to call something AI?, there are certain requirements that a ...
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Has the Lovelace Test 2.0 been successfully used in an academic setting?

In October 2014, Dr. Mark Riedl published an approach to testing AI intelligence, called the "Lovelace Test 2.0", after being inspired by the original Lovelace Test (published in 2001). Mark believed ...
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What are the specific requirements of the Turing test?

What are the specific requirements of the Turing test? What requirements if any must the evaluator fulfill in order to be qualified to give the test? Must there always be two participants in the ...
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Are there any AI that have passed the MIST test so far?

MIST is a quantiative test of humanness, consisting of ~80k propositions such as: Is Earth a planet? Is the sun bigger than my foot? Do people sometimes lie? etc. Have any AI attempted and passed ...
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If the Turing test is passed, does this imply that computers exhibit intelligence?

Turing test was created to test machines exhibiting behavior equivalent or indistinguishable from that of a human. Is that the sufficient condition of intelligence?
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