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Questions tagged [intelligence-testing]

For questions about ways of measuring intelligence of AI, either in relation to other AIs, in relation to humans, or in absolute terms on a certain scale.

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Are there standardized forms of the Turing Test?

Most computer science instructors will tell you that the Turing Test is more a theoretical or conceptual thought experiment than an actual exam that someone (or something!) can formally sit and ...
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RNN: Different test results on balanced and unbalanced data

I trained a recurrent neural network (if it matters - it contains three CuDNNLSTM cells and 3 Dense layers, Dropout = 0.2). The result of data preparation is one array of ~330.000 sequences. Each ...
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Which objective tests have been developed to test the intelligence of AI?

Which objective and measurable tests have been developed to test the intelligence of AI? The classical test is the Turing Test, which has objective criteria and is measurable since it can be ...
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Intentionally corrupting LLM weights (lobotomy)

It is largely unknown how LLMs work inside. Has anyone scientifically tried to corrupt (open source) model's weights in an organized manner to maybe detect which parts of the model are doing what or ...
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