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For questions about intelligent personal assistants (IPAs), aka intelligent virtual assistants (IVA) or simply chatbots, which are software agents that can perform tasks or services for an individual based on commands or questions. A famous IPA is, for example, Siri.

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Is there an AI assistant that can observe and control my computer/cell phone [closed]

I do a lot of boring office work, mostly on various websites, lots of copy and pasting and entering data into spreadsheets, making contracts, sending the same boiler plate emails to clients, making ...
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Creating or using a corpus for a chatbot interaction modelling for an existing intelligent tutor system

I'm currently researching and building a chatbot to link to an existing intelligent tutoring system for the domain of the topic of relational databases. The current intelligent tutoring system is ...
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How is it possible that time to time I meet AI users on Tinder? Is it any public api where they can join? Is it any AI algorytm for chat?

How does Tinder AI chat bot works? How can I read more about them? I am using ChatGPT quite often, and that Tinder assistent seems provide the same service level in communication.
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How to add contextual follow up like Google Assistant

I am developing PDA like Google assistant on Android. So far, so good. But now, I want to add contextual follow up like Google assistant so it can keep the train of thought. As demonstrated here- ...
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How can a system like Jarvis understand the commands and take actions?

I am looking to make an AI like Jarvis. A perfect real-life example of this type of system is the simple AI that Mark Zuckerberg has recently built. Here is a description of how his AI works. From ...
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