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How to interpret upsampling(deconv, nn, bilinear) as matrices?

I am reading this Distill article Deconvolution and Checkerboard Artifacts about avoiding artifacts in images generated by neural networks. In the section of Better Upsampling, the author compares the ...
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Reward interpolation between MDPs. Will an optimal policy on both ends stay optimal inside the interval?

Say I've got two Markov Decision Processes (MDPs): $$\mathcal{M_0} = (\mathcal{S}, \mathcal{A}, P, R_0),\quad\text{and}\quad\mathcal{M}_1 = (\mathcal{S}, \mathcal{A}, P, R_1)$$ Both have the same set ...
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What's the nearest neighbor algorithm used for upsampling?

Additionally, by default, the UpSampling2D layer will use a nearest neighbor algorithm to fill in the new rows and columns. This has the effect of simply doubling rows and columns, as described and is ...
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Continuous state and continuous action Markov decision process time complexity estimate: backward induction VS policy gradient method (RL)

Model Description: Model based(assume known of the entire model) Markov decision process. Time($t$): Finite horizon discrete time with discounting factor State($x_t$): Continuous multi-dimensional ...
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Interpolating image to increase resolution before feeding it to a neural network

Interpolation is a common way to make an image fit the right input shape for a neural network. But is there any point in using interpolation to make it easier for the network to learn? I assume ...
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