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Questions tagged [iris-dataset]

For questions that involve the Iris dataset, which is composed of 150 instances, 4 attributes/features, and 3 classes.

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Retraining ResNet-50 for iris flower classification

I am trying to retrain ResNet-50 for iris flower classification in tensorflow (TensorFlow version: 2.3.0) using the following code ...
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Does it make sense for a logistic regression model to perform better than a neural network on the Iris data set?

Per a review post, a simple Logistic Regression model on the Iris data set gets about 97% test accuracy on iris dataset whereas a neural network gets just 94%. The neural network model used in Keras ...
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Is it normal that SOM clusters the instances with the "versicolor" class into multiple different BMUs?

I have trained (with different sizes, learning rates, and epochs) a SOM network to cluster the Iris dataset. The instances associated with the class setosa have ...
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