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For questions related to the Jaccard similarity in the context of artificial intelligence.

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Computing confidence score using probability and IoU

I am trying to fuse two detections with the help of a probability model and, to know that both detections belong to the same object, I use the Intersection over Union (IoU) score. So, the confidence-...
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Why is it called "area of union" when calculating the Intersection over Union?

When calculating the Intersection Over Union the following explanation is widely used. (Source: A Survey on Performance Metrics for Object-Detection Algorithms, by Padilla et al. 2020) The image and ...
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Can a GIoU loss (generalized intersection over union) be used after an STN module (spatial transformer network)?

I have a model that uses an STN module for number detection and Mean Squared Error loss. But I would like to replace it for GIoU, because MSE doesn't take into account how much of the target area has ...
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How can I build a recommendation system that takes into account some constraints or the context?

I am building a recommendation system that recommends relevant articles to the user. I am doing this using simple similarity-based techniques (with the Jaccard similarity) using as features the page ...
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How are IOUs for ground truth boxes in YOLO calculated?

I know how IOU works during detection. However, while preparing targets from ground-truth for training, how is the IOU between a given object and all anchor boxes calculated? Is the ground truth ...
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