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Questions tagged [java]

For questions about implementation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms in the Java programming language.

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Tensorflow versus deeplearning4j

For ML frameworks one would think Tensorflow would be the 800# gorilla in the room. I work in a Java shop and Tensorflow's Java support seems to be somewhere between terrible and awful, even for just ...
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Multi-layer network only predicts linear trends

I have made a neural network from scratch (in java), which is refusing to switch out of linear regression. I have pushed up the layer sizes (it now has 2 hidden layers, both with 5 neurons), and yet ...
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Simple Polynomial Gradient Descent algorithm not working

I am trying to implement a simple 2nd order polynomial gradient descent algorithm in Java. It is not converging and becomes unstable. How do I fix it? ...
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Generate Image with Artificial intelligence [closed]

I am pretty new to Artificial Intelligence programming, however i do understand the basic concept. I have an idea in my mind: Import a JPEG Image, Convert this Image into a 2D Array (x,y values + ...
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Neural Network with varying inputs (for a game ai)

I want to create a simple game which basically consists of 2d circles shooting smaller circles at each other (to make hitbox detection easier for the start). My goal is to create an ai which adapts ...
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How do I write a genetic algorithm to solve the knapsack problem?

I am trying to write a genetic algorithm that generates 100 items, assigning random weights and utilities to them. And then try to pick items how out these 100 items while maximising the utility and ...
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How do I apply reinforcement learning to a game with infinitely many actions?

I am trying to figure out how to use a reinforcement learning algorithm, if possible, as a "black box" to play a game. In this game, a player has to avoid flying birds. If he wants to move, he has to ...
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Fitness function in genetic algorithm based on an interval

I am writing an app, where when a ball is shot from a canon it is supposed to land in a hole that is on a given distance. The ball is supposed to land between the distance of the beginning of the hole ...
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Huge variations in epoch count for highest generalized accuracy in CNN

I have written my own basic convolutional neural network in Java as a learning exercise. I am using it to analyze the MIT CBCL face database image set. They are a set of 19x19 pixel greyscale images. ...
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Connect 4 minimax does not make the best move

I'm trying to implement an algorithm that would choose the optimal next move for the game of Connect 4. As I just want to make sure that the basic minimax works correctly, I am actually testing it ...
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