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Questions tagged [knowledge-based-systems]

For questions related to knowledge-based systems in the context of artificial intelligence.

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1 answer

Real world example of an Knowledge based system

I was learning knowledge representation and reasoning in AI, in which till now, I have studied predicate logic and first order logic. Forward chaining, Backward chaining, Refutation resolution method ...
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1 answer

Why is wumpus world problem deterministic?

I don't quite understand why the wumpus world problem is deterministic. I mean, if the agent starts at [1,1] and there is a pit at [1,2] then the agent cannot determine if there is a pit at [2,1] or [...
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Are my attempts to write "There exists a student studying all the subjects of the information technology subject" in FOL correct? [closed]

I have the following sentence, which I need to write in FOL There exists a student studying all the subjects of the information technology subject I don't know how $\forall$ can be combined with the ...
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Knowledge representation and reasoning(KRR) over a Image scene: Neurosymbolic AI

What are the ways and SOTA in domain of knowledge representation and reasoning over scene. Suppose there are 3 objects in the scene and which objects needs to be picked first among them is governed by ...
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2 answers

Is there any other (possibly less popular) approach to create AI apart from statistical methods?

From what I have gathered so far, an AI has some prior (stored in the form of some probability distribution), and, based on experiences/data, changes the distribution (via Bayes rule) accordingly. ...
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1 answer

What is the place of ontologies in artificial intelligence?

Very much a general question here, from a somewhat uneducated perspective. I'm currently part way through an MSc in AI, and at the minute I am taking a module on Knowledge Engineering and ...
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Can Bayesian inference be combined with knowledge-based systems?

I've been struggling with the connection between knowledge-based AI systems and Bayesian inference for a while now. While I continue to sweep through the literature, I would be happy if someone can ...
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