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For questions related to the concept of a knowledge graph, which is a knowledge base represented as a graph that accumulates and conveys knowledge of the real world, where nodes represent entities and edges represent relations between those entities.

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Which structure for this knowledge graph?

I'm currently building a knowledge graph for students based on the textbook. However, I found out that some knowledge are treated as axioms in lower grade but deduction in higher grade. Since I treat ...
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How to model graph node as priority list over a visual scene in neuro-symbolic AI?

Suppose if we have a visual scene graph and we model each component in the scene as a node of a graph and edges which are relationship between the visual scene components. Some of the nodes are like ...
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What are knowledge graph embeddings?

What are knowledge graph embeddings? How are they useful? Are there any extensive reviews on the subject to know all the details? Note that I am asking this question just to give a quick overview of ...
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Which reward function works for recommendation systems using knowledge graphs?

I've been reading this paper on recommendation systems using reinforcement learning (RL) and knowledge graphs (KGs). To give some background, the graph has several (finitely many) entities, of which ...
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What is meant by the rank of the scoring function here?

I've been reading the paper Reinforcement Knowledge Graph Reasoning for Explainable Recommendation (by Yikun Xian et al.) lately, and I don't understand a particular section: Specifically, the ...
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Why can't pure KG embedding methods discover multi-hop relations paths?

According to Reinforcement Knowledge Graph Reasoning for Explainable Recommendation pure KG embedding methods lack the ability to discover multi-hop relational paths. Why is it so?
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What are the differences between a knowledge base and a knowledge graph?

During my readings, I have seen many authors using the two terms interchangeably, i.e. as if they refer to the same thing. However, we all know about Google's first quotation of "knowledge graph&...
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Is graph embedding linear in its maintaining of graph geometry?

It is claimed that the main goal of graph embedding methods is to pack every node's properties into a vector with a smaller dimension, so node similarity in the original complex irregular spaces can ...
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What are multi-hop relational paths?

What are multi-hop relational paths in the context of knowledge graphs (KGs)? I tried looking it up online, but didn't find a simple explanation.