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For questions related to the concept of a knowledge graph, which is a knowledge base represented as a graph that accumulates and conveys knowledge of the real world, where nodes represent entities and edges represent relations between those entities.

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How to model graph node as priority list over a visual scene in neuro-symbolic AI?

Suppose if we have a visual scene graph and we model each component in the scene as a node of a graph and edges which are relationship between the visual scene components. Some of the nodes are like ...
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Is graph embedding linear in its maintaining of graph geometry?

It is claimed that the main goal of graph embedding methods is to pack every node's properties into a vector with a smaller dimension, so node similarity in the original complex irregular spaces can ...
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Which structure for this knowledge graph?

I'm currently building a knowledge graph for students based on the textbook. However, I found out that some knowledge are treated as axioms in lower grade but deduction in higher grade. Since I treat ...