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Questions tagged [labels]

For questions related to the labels associated with data points.

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Best way to classify chess pieces on a chessboard (on a square) [more details in the post]?

Ok, so I am working on a project which classifies chess pieces. The input is just a chess piece from a specific chess set on a white / black square on the chessboard. So it's just an image of a chess ...
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How do I generate video classification labels using video descriptions/titles?

I've been scanning the internet for ways to generate baseball-based labels for youtube baseball videos using text collected from a YT video's description, title, and top 50 titles, but so far, I have ...
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Should the range of target values match the range of activation function used in the output layer?

Suppose I use a tansig activation function in the output layer of an artificial neural network giving me outputs in the range $[-1,1]$ and my model is applied to a binary classification problem, ...
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Is soft labeling the same thing as label smoothing?

I have some data with soft labels and I am trying to figure out the best approach to solve the problem with Machine Learning (since regular classification is of the table, i.e. hard labels). However, ...
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Should I label static objects on video dataset?

I'm using nvidia Transfer Learning Toolkit to detect cars in some video frames. I found some dataset (for example and
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What is the difference (if any) between semantic segmentation and multi-class, mutually exclusive classification?

Multi-class classification is simply assigning all data points into one of up to any finite number of mutually exclusive labels. I am new to the field(s) of AI/ML and I keep hearing people use the ...
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Is it possible to flip the features and labels after training a model?

The goal of this program is to predict a game outcome given a game-reference-id, which is a serial number like so: id,totalGreen,totalBlue,totalRed,totalYellow,...
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What is the intuition behind the Label Smoothing in GANs?

I was learning about GANs when the term "Label Smoothing" surfaced. In the video tutorial that I watched, they use the term "label smoothing" to change the binary labels when ...
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What is the definition of "soft label" and "hard label"?

In semi-supervised learning, there are hard labels and soft labels. Could someone tell me the meaning and definition of the two things?
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When working with time-series data, is it wrong to use different time-steps for the features and target?

When working with time-series data, is it wrong to use daily prices as features and the price after 3 days as the target? Or should I use the next-day price as a target, and, after training, predict 3 ...
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