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How to interpret the training loss curves in Soft-Actor-Critic (SAC)?

I am using stable-baseline3 implementation of the Soft-Actor-Critic (SAC) algorithm. The plotted training curves look promising. However, I am not fully sure how to interpret the actor and critic ...
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How to explain that a same DNN model have radically different behaviours with each new initialization and training?

I'm trying to predict the continuous values of a variable $y$ using a Fully Connected Neural Network while providing it with data from a $(3300, 13)$ matrix $X$ where $X[i, :]=[0,...,1,...,0,x_{i}]$. ...
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Bias-variance tradeoff and learning curves for non-deep learning models

I am following a course on machine learning and am confused about the bias-variance trade-off relationship to learning curves in classification. I am seeing some conflicting information online on this....
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Is there a mathematical formula that describes the learning curve in neural networks?

In training a neural network, you often see the curve showing how fast the neural network is getting better. It usually grows very fast then slows down to almost horizontal. Is there a mathematical ...
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LSTM text classifier shows unexpected cyclical pattern in loss

I'm training a text classifier in PyTorch and I'm experiencing an unexplainable cyclical pattern in the loss curve. The loss drops drastically at the beginning of each epoch and then starts rising ...
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Spikes in of Train and Test error

I learn a DNN for image recognition. During each epoch, I calculate mean loss in the training set. After each epoch, I calculate loss and number of errors over both training and test set. The problem ...
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