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Logarithm is used in many formulations of artificial intelligence. This function has several interesting properties. Log-likelihood is one such example.

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Query regarding the minimax value function of GANs

In the book Generative AI with Python and TensorFlow 2 from Babcock and Bali (page 172), it is stated that the value function of a GAN is the following: where D(x) is the output of the discriminator ...
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Why are logarithms used in GANs minimax equation?

The minimax equation for generative adversarial networks $$\min_G \max_D V(D,G) = \mathbb{E}_{\boldsymbol{x}\sim p_{data}(\boldsymbol{x})}[\log D(\boldsymbol{x})] + \mathbb{E}_{\boldsymbol{z}\sim p_{\...
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Why do we commonly use the $\log$ to squash frequencies?

Term frequency and inverse document frequency are well-known terms in information retrieval. I am presenting the definitions for both from p:12,13 of Vector Semantics and Embeddings On term frequency ...
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