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For questions about multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL) agents, algorithms, or models.

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How to correctly train policies in multi-agent RL?

I am diving into Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning and after reading some literature, I would like to clarify some approaches because I am not quite sure. Now for the following two cases it is clear ...
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Help defining environment with complex action space

I'm working on a personal MARL project with a high-dimensional and continuous action space. The environment is designed to give positive rewards to actions between some moving limits of the action ...
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RL framework to optimize my custom multi-agent simulator [closed]

I have built a custom discrete event simulator with multiple agents and want to optimize the system using RL frameworks that support multi-agent configurations. I will use custom policies. Which ...
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How can rewards and loss calculation be extended to multiple agents in a vanilla policy gradient RL setting?

Say I have a simple multi-agent reinforcement learning problem using vanilla policy gradient methods (i.e. REINFORCE) that is currently running with one network per agent. If I can say that each of my ...
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When should I use an MARL approach instead of training one agent while keep the others fixed?

I have built a custom multi-agent environment with PettingZoo, where a turn-based game with two agents, A and B, is setup. I want to examine situations where malicious behavior may arise, given the ...
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Are there assumptions made about Self-Play that don't hold up in regular MA competition?

I read about this paper Efficient Competitive Self-Play Policy Optimization which proposes an algorithm for training a population of agents with self-play using a perturbation based matchmaking ...
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How to model a multi-agent reinforcement learning problem where actions of different agents can take different durations?

I am confused on a conceptual scale how I would be able to model a multi-agent reinforcement learning problem when each agent performing an action would take different durations to complete the action....
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When to model decision-making problem as single agent vs multi-agent problem?

I understand the goals and purposes of RL in the case of a single agent and the underlying model, i.e. MDPs, for RL problems (or sequential decision making with uncertainty in general). My question is ...
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Which multi-agent reinforcement learning algorithm can I use when there are two types of agents with different action spaces?

Most of the papers on multi-agent RL (MARL) that I have encountered have multiple agents who have a common action space. In my work, my scenario involves $m$ numbers of a particular agent (say type A) ...
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Is there a multi-agent deep reinforcement learning algorithm which is for environments with only discrete action spaces (Not hybrid)?

Is there a multi-agent deep reinforcement learning algorithm which is for environments with only discrete action spaces (Not hybrid) and have centralized training? I have been looking for algorithms, (...
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How do I get started with multi-agent reinforcement learning?

Is there any tutorial that walks through a multi-agent reinforcement learning implementation (in Python) using libraries such as OpenAI's Gym (for the environment), TF-agents, and stable-baselines-3? ...
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Why can I still easily beat my Q-learning agent that was trained against another Q-learning agent to play tic tac toe?

I implemented the Q-learning algorithm to play tic-tac-toe. The AI plays against the same algorithm, but they don't share the same Q matrix. After 200,000 games, I still beat the AI very easily and it'...
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