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For questions related to multi-agent systems (MAS), which are systems that involve multiple agents (each of them can have different skills) that cooperate with each other and interact with the environment. There are several challenges faced by MAS, including coordination between agents, security, and task allocation. Multi-agent systems have been applied in areas such as computer science, civil engineering, and electrical engineering.

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Are there any decentralized examples of AI systems with blockchain technology?

Has there been any attempts to deploy AI with blockchain technology? Are there any decentralized examples of AI networks with no central point of control with AI nodes acting independently (but ...
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What are some examples of intelligent agents for each intelligent agent class?

There are several classes of intelligent agents, such as: simple reflex agents model-based reflex agents goal-based agents utility-based agents learning agents Each of these agents behaves slightly ...
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How does the Alpha Zero's move encoding work?

I am a beginner in AI. I'm trying to train a multi-agent RL algorithm to play chess. One issue that I ran into was representing the action space (legal moves/or honestly just moves in general) ...
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How can thousand-robot swarm coordinate their moves without bumping into each other?

How can a swarm of small robots (like Kilobots) walking close to each other achieve collaboration without bumping into each other? For example, one study shows programmable self-assembly in a thousand-...
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How to deal with the terminal state in SARSA in a multi-agent setting?

I'm training a SARSA agent to update a Q function, but I'm confused about how you handle the final state. In this case, when the game ends and there is no $S'$. For example, the agent performed an ...
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