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For questions about multi-objective reinforcement learning (MORL).

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Can the rewards be matrices when using DQN?

I have a basic question. I'm working towards developing a reward function for my DQN. I'd like to train an RL agent to edit pixels on an image. I understand that convolutions are ideal for working ...
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Why is the reward in reinforcement learning always a scalar?

I'm reading Reinforcement Learning by Sutton & Barto, and in section 3.2 they state that the reward in a Markov decision process is always a scalar real number. At the same time, I've heard about ...
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Can rewards be decomposed into components?

I'm training a robot to walk to a specific $(x, y)$ point using TD3, and, for simplicity, I have something like ...
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What are preferences and preference functions in multi-objective reinforcement learning?

In RL (reinforcement learning) or MARL (multi-agent reinforcement learning), we have the usual tuple: (state, action, transition_probabilities, reward, next_state) ...
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What are some simple open problems in multi-agent RL that would be suited for a bachelor's thesis?

I've decided to make my bachelor thesis in RL. I am currently struggling to find a good problem. I am interested in multi-agent RL with the dilemma between selfishness and cooperation. I only have 2 ...
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