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For question about Multi Layer Perceptron model/architecture, its training and other related details and parameters associated with the model.

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Can neurons in MLP and filters in CNN be compared?

I know they are not the same in working, but an input layer sends the input to $n$ neurons with a set of weights, based on these weights and the activation layer, it produces an output that can be fed ...
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Why is training all layers at a time effective for a multi-layer autoencoder?

This training of all layers of a CNN simultaneously is standard practice today. It is found in every CNN (AlexNet (2012), VGG, Inception, GANs, etc) and even pre-CNN networks such as Le et al. 2012. ...
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What is the number of neurons required to approximate a polynomial of degree n?

I learned about the universal approximation theorem from this guide. It states that a network even with a single hidden layer can approximate any function within some bound, given a sufficient number ...
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Did Minsky and Papert know that multi-layer perceptrons could solve XOR?

In their famous book entitled Perceptrons: An Introduction to Computational Geometry, Minsky and Papert show that a perceptron can't solve the XOR problem. This contributed to the first AI winter, ...
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Is the capability of RNN more than the capability of MLP?

Consider the following excerpt paragraph taken from the section titled "Recurrent Neural Networks" of the chapter 10: Sequence Modeling: Recurrent and Recursive Nets of the textbook named ...
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Are the capabilities of connectionist AI and symbolic AI the same?

The universal approximation theorem says that MLP with a single hidden layer and enough number of neurons can able to approximate any bounded continuous function. You can validate it from the ...
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