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For questions related to natural language understanding (NLU), which is a subtopic of natural language processing (NLP) that deals with machine reading comprehension. Natural-language understanding is considered a hard problem.

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How does ChatGPT retain the context of previous questions?

One of the innovations with OpenAI's ChatGPT is how natural it is for users to interact with it. What is the technical enabler for ChatGPT to maintain the context of previous questions in its answers? ...
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4 answers

How does ChatGPT know math?

ChatGPT is a language model. As far as I know and If I'm not wrong, it gets text as tokens and word embeddings. So, how can it do math? For example, I asked: ME: Which one is bigger 5 or 9. ChatGPT: ...
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7 answers

Is the "Chinese room" an explanation of how ChatGPT works?

Sorry if this question makes no sense. I'm a software developer but know very little about AI. Quite a while ago, I read about the Chinese room, and the person inside who has had a lot of training/...
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What is the actual quality of machine translations?

As an AI layman, till today I am confused by the promised and achieved improvements of automated translation. My impression is: there is still a very, very far way to go. Or are there other ...
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How does ChatGPT respond to novel prompts and commands?

So I understand how a language model could scan a large data set like the internet and produce text that mimicked the statistical properties of the input data, eg completing a sentence like "eggs ...
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Does chatGPT learn or remember from (public) user input? Will it 'fess up to it? I could not get it to reveal [closed]

It started with a question inspired by this video: New Research Suggests to Put AI to Sleep She says: "In this video I discuss a new research paper which suggest a ...
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