Questions tagged [neo-luddism]

Use for questions related to the "unforeseeable dangers of new technology", a sub-field of the overall philosophy of neo-luddism. (i.e. suitable for for questions ranging from automation replacing human jobs, instability created by applications of AI, and apocalyptic scenarios of AI takeover, etc.)

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How could artificial intelligence harm us?

We often hear that artificial intelligence may harm or even kill humans, so it might prove dangerous. How could artificial intelligence harm us?
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Could artificial intelligence cause problems for humanity after figuring out human behavior?

This BBC article suggests that intelligent algorithms, like those that select news stories and advertisements for display, could control our experience of the world and manipulate us. Will Artificial ...
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What are the societal risks associated with AI?

What are the actual risks to society associated with the widespread use of AI? Outside of the use of AI in a military context. I am not talking about accidental risks or unintentional behaviour - eg, ...
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