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Questions tagged [neuromorphic-engineering]

Use for questions related to use of electronic circuits to mimic neuro-biological architectures present in the nervous system or in neural networks. ("Neuromorphic computing" is sometimes used synonomouosly)

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Modifying the population neurons at runtime - Framework and resources

I'd like to build a spiking neural network and deploy it in neuromorphic hardware. I'd like to modify the number of neurons of a population at runtime, depending on a condition. Frameworks like Nengo ...
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Is there any comprehensive book that reviews topics in the area of brain-inspired computing?

I am looking to write my master's thesis next year about brain-inspired computing. Hence, I am looking to get a good overview of this domain. Do you know of any comprehensive book that reviews topics ...
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What are examples of machine learning techniques inspired by neuroscience?

What are examples of machine learning techniques (i.e. models, algorithms, etc.) inspired (to different extents) by neuroscience? Particularly, I'm interested in recent developments, say less than 10 ...
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Are there examples of neural networks (used for control) implemented on a FPGA or on a neurochip?

Greetings to all respected colleagues! I want to consult on the use of FPGAs and neurochips. I plan to use it in my laboratory project for programming control systems on neural networks. In my work,...
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Where could I find information on the learning methods used in Neurogrid?

I have been searching for more than one week which learning methods were used in Neurogrid. But I only found descriptions of its architecture (chips, circuits, analog and/or digital components, ...
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Is there research that employs realistic models of neurons?

Is there research that employs realistic models of neurons? Usually, the model of a neuron for a neural network is quite simple as opposed to the realistic neuron, which involves hundreds of proteins ...
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How to model inhibitory synapses in the artificial neuron?

In the brain, some synapses are stimulating and some inhibiting. In the case of artificial neural networks, ReLU erases that property, since in the brain inhibition doesn't correspond to a 0 output, ...
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Could a large number of interconnected tiny turing-complete computer chips be patterned across a wafer to simulate a programmable neural network?

The Intel 8080 had 4500 transistors and ran at 2-3.125 MHz. By comparison, the 18-core Xeon Haswell-E5 han 5,560,000,000 transistors and can run at 2 GHz. Would it be possible or prudent to simulate a ...
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Is it possible to build an AGI with neural networks on neuromorphic chips?

I read a lot about the structure of the human brain and artificial neural networks. Is it possible to build an AGI (or human-level AI) with artificial neural networks on neuromorphic chips, which ...
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How does using ASIC for the acceleration of AI work?

We can read on Wikipedia page that Google built a custom ASIC chip for machine learning and tailored for TensorFlow which helps to accelerate AI. Since ASIC chips are specially customized for one ...
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Are there any artificial neuromorphic systems which can mimic the brain?

I'd like to know whether there were attempts to simulate the whole brain, I'm not talking only about some ANN on microchips, but brain simulations.
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How powerful a computer is required to simulate the human brain?

How much processing power is needed to emulate the human brain? More specifically, the neural simulation, such as communication between the neurons and processing certain data in real-time. I ...
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