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For questions related to neuro-symbolic AI techniques, i.e. techniques that combine machine learning (or statistical AI, such as neural networks and deep learning) with symbolic (aka classical) AI.

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Translation Algorithm for CILP model (Garcez, Lamb, Gabbay) - why difference in answer between my implementation and the answer from the book? [closed]

I have implemented the Translation algorithm for CILP (Connectionist Inductive Learning and Logic Programming model by Garcez, Lamb and Gabbay) from their book "Neural-Symbolic Cognitive ...
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What is the "state of the art" in (at least partially) symbolic/logic-based chat bots/AI assistants?

ChatGPT has had a lot of buzz around it recently, and for good reason. It has shown some amazing capabilities in responding to new information, as well as in generalizing new information that has been ...
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Could GPT3 be integrated with GOFAI programming to improve its ability to acquire new knowledge?

In my limited experience with AI chatbots (Replika, Sophie, etc.) they immediately fail the Turing test if I try to teach them some simple fact, or ask them to recall something that I said a few ...
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What is the difference between Neurosymbolic AI and Transformer AI

I'm looking at the AI timeline and I came across Neuro-Symbolic AI (being symbolic AI used in combination with deep learning) and Transformer AI (which I understand as neural networks that take ...
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How to model graph node as priority list over a visual scene in neuro-symbolic AI?

Suppose if we have a visual scene graph and we model each component in the scene as a node of a graph and edges which are relationship between the visual scene components. Some of the nodes are like ...
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Knowledge representation and reasoning(KRR) over a Image scene: Neurosymbolic AI

What are the ways and SOTA in domain of knowledge representation and reasoning over scene. Suppose there are 3 objects in the scene and which objects needs to be picked first among them is governed by ...
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Has machine learning been combined with logical reasoning (for example, PROLOG)?

There are mainly two different areas of AI at the moment. There is the "learning from experience" based approach of neural networks. And there is the "higher logical reasoning" ...
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Can (trained) neural networks be combined with symbolic AI to perform operations like AND?

Does anyone work out ways of relating trained neural networks by symbolic AI? For example, if I train a network on pictures of dogs, and I train a network on pictures of shirts. You could imagine that ...
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What are some interesting recent papers that synthesize symbolic AI with Deep Learning?

A lot of people seem to be under the impression that combining GOFAI and contemporary AI will make models more general. I'm particularly interested in reasoning through analogy or case-based reasoning....
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In what ways can connectionist AI be integrated with GOFAI?

In what ways can connectionist artificial intelligence (neural networks) be integrated with Good Old-Fashioned A.I. (GOFAI)? For instance, how could deep neural networks be integrated with knowledge ...
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