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What are all the inputs that support diversity of images in text to image generation?

For this question, consider the stable diffusion model. For a given text embedding, Stable Diffusion can generate diverse images. In this context, 'diversity' refers to the variation among the images ...
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Are diffusion models still beneficial in highly compressed latent spaces?

Consider for example the MNIST dataset. When we apply diffusion to the pixel space, the image slowly becomes more and more noisy until white noise has been reached (like below). In the last step (t=...
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What are the best practices of adding noise to game-playing bots?

I write bots that play card games. From time to time, I add noise to their decisions, mainly for two reasons: Reduce predictability: In games with hidden information the optimal play is a mix between ...
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Can a GAN Produce Different Inception Scores with the Same Dataset and Noise?

If the dataset, shuffle, and noise are all kept the same, is it possible for the same GAN to give different Inception Scores each time?
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