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How do I determine how likely some data was drawn from a distribution?

I have a sampled data, say, many vectors $m_1, \cdots, m_i \in R^{d}$. I want an objective function that rates the probability of this data being drawn from certain distribution (here, specifically ...
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How does the skin color follow Gaussian distribution in YCBCR?

I am still new to image processing and machine intelligence. I wanted to make a Python program that can isolate an image of a hand from the background to detect a specific hand gesture, so I came to ...
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How does Bishop derive $\ln p\left(\mathbf{x} \mid \mu, \sigma^{2}\right)$, when $p$ is a Gaussian?

I am now reading the Bishop Machine Learning Book and going through every single equation. We know that in the case of a single real-valued variable $x$, the Gaussian distribution is defined by $$\...
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How does noise samples from uniform distribution contribute to the diversity of generator output?

In a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), there are two multi-layer perceptrons. One is the generator network and another is a discriminator network. The input for the generator network is a noise ...
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How to define a continuous action distribution with a specific range for Reinforcement Learning?

Specifically for continuous control PPO, let's say my action space range is between $X$ (low) and $Y$ (high) and they are all sampled from a Gaussian Action Distribution with mean $\mu$ and standard ...
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Why is the logarithm of the standard deviation used in this implementation of proximal policy optimization?

I am currently writing my bachelor thesis, which is an implementation of proximal policy optimization. Sometimes, I hit a wall because of the gaps in my mathematical knowledge. However, implementing ...
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Why do we sample vectors from a standard normal distribution for the generator?

I am new to GANs. I noticed that everybody generates a random vector (usually 100 dimensional) from a standard normal distribution $N(0, 1)$. My question is: why? Why don't they sample these vectors ...
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Normalizing Normal Distributions in Thompson Sampling for online Reinforcement Learning

In my implementation of Thompson Sampling (TS) for online Reinforcement Learning, my distribution for selecting $a$ is $\mathcal{N}(Q(s, a), \frac{1}{C(s,a)+1})$, where $C(s,a)$ is the number of times ...
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