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For questions related to the concept of novelty search (NS), where individuals in an evolving population (of an evolutionary algorithm) are selected based on how different they are compared to all of the other individuals evaluated so far. NS was proposed in "Exploiting Open-Endedness to Solve Problems Through the Search for Novelty" (2008) by Joel Lehman and Kenneth O. Stanley.

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Measuring novel configuration of points

I am trying to implement Novelty search; I understand why it can work better than the standard Genetic Algorithm based solution which just rewards according to the objective. I am working on a problem ...
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Are there any strategies that would help me visualize the 'behavior space' and make a novelty function?

In “Abandoning Objectives: Evolution through the Search for Novelty Alone”, it is explained how the novelty search is a function that is domain specific, depending on the differing behaviors that can ...
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In novelty search, are the novel structures or behaviour of the neural network rewarded?

I have been reading a lot lately about some very promising work coming out of Uber's AI Labs using mutation algorithms enhanced with novelty search to evolve deep neural nets. See the paper Safe ...
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How does novelty search work?

In this article, the author claims that guiding evolution by novelty alone (without explicit goals) can solve problems even better than using explicit goals. In other words, using a novelty measure as ...
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