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For questions related to object recognition, which is the problem of determining the type/class/category of an object in the image, so object recognition could also be called object classification. This is different from object detection, which is either used to refer to object localization (i.e. find the coordinates of the object in the image) + object classification, or just object localization.

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How does Google's self-driving car identify pedestrians?

Based on the article Google's self-driving cars can now spot cyclists: Sensors can read hand signals and predict rider's behaviour, Google's self-driving cars can spot cyclists, cars, road signs, ...
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Would Google's self-driving-car stop when it sees somebody with a T-shirt with a stop sign printed on it?

In Hidden Obstacles for Google’s Self-Driving Cars article we can read that: Google’s cars can detect and respond to stop signs that aren’t on its map, a feature that was introduced to deal with ...
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Can bounding boxes further improve the performance of a CNN classifier?

Suppose I have a standard image classification problem (i.e. CNN is shown a single image and predicts a single classification for it). If I were to use bounding boxes to surround the target image (i.e....
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Image classification - Need method to classify "unknown" objects as "trash" (3D objects)

We have an image classifier that was built using CNN with faster R-CNN and Yolov5. It is designated to run on 3D objects. All of those objects have similar "features" structure, but the ...
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