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Can the vision transformer solve object permanence?

Suppose a ball is rolling down an incline as follows: In the middle of the path, a curtain blocks the camera view of the ball momentarily. Soon the ball reappears after passing behind the curtain. ...
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Can the output of non-max suppression have more bounding boxes than the number of objects the picture actually has?

I am not really understanding the non-max supression (NMS) algorithm. Let's say my model produces 20 bounding boxes (bbs) for my picture which have 7 cats (7 objects with the same class). Can it be ...
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Good models for building/tree detection

I need to estimate the speed of a car by analysing a dashcam video that provides a view of the street in front. I had the idea of tracking objects that I know are stationary (buildings/trees) and ...
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Can DeepSort be made to track objects beside people?

As far as my understanding goes, the model used for feature extraction in DeepSort is specified as the first argument of the function create_box_encoder in the file ...
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How can I limit the number of things Yolov7 can Identify?

So Yolov7/v8 are able to classify numerous distinct objects. One of those objects is cups for example. If I wanted to only look of cups how would I change my setup without having to do custom object ...
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Is there a state-of-the-art deep learning paper that uses center point regression instead of bounding box regression, for object tracking?

Almost all deep learning based object tracking methods perform bounding box regression. Siamese-based networks which are very popular for object tracking also perform bounding box regression most of ...
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Is there a way to improve the low-quality data?

I'm on a robotics team and we've been tasked to write a program to differentiate between a live and dead fish. We've been given ~15 minutes of training footage and it's absolutely terrible. It's low ...
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Is it possible to create a simple face-tracking app that can monitor how much time one spends at their desk?

Context: I'm an experienced programmer with a graduate education in AI and previous CUDA programming experience. I'm versed in Machine Learning but am out of the loop -- I've not used any of the ...
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