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Fit Q Evaluation in offline reinforcement learning

I am working on a PyTorch implementation of Implicit Q-Learning (IQL) (paper), given a dataset $\mathcal D = \left\{ (\mathbf s_i, \mathbf a_i, \mathbf s_i', r_i ) \right\}$ of transitions. I think I ...
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DQN with experience history to learn from already saved - which reward should I take?

I want to train a DQN model in an off-policy fashion, where my behavior policy is an older agent. I have a big memory of a lot of episodes of this agent. Now I want to find a better policy using DQN. ...
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How to evaluate the performance of off-line & model-free reinforcement leaning?

I'm currently studying on off-line reinforcement learning (RL) and trying to utilize it for medical data. Because it seemed hard to develop well-performing environment model, I decided to adopt model-...
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Action selection in Batch-Constrained Deep Q-learning (BCQ)

For simplicity, let's consider the discrete version of BCQ where the paper and the code are available. In the line 5 of Algorithm 1 we have the following: $$ a' = \text{argmax}_{a'|G_{\omega}(a', s')/\...
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Offline/Batch Reinforcement Learning: when to stop training and what agent to select

Context: My team and I are working on a RL problem for a specific application. We have data collected from user interactions (states, actions, rewards, etc.). It is too costly for us to emulate agents....
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What is the relation between online (or offline) learning and on-policy (or off-policy) algorithms?

In the context of RL, there is the notion of on-policy and off-policy algorithms. I understand the difference between on-policy and off-policy algorithms. Moreover, in RL, there's also the notion of ...
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