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For questions related to the concept of one-shot learning, i.e. learning from one (or maybe a few) training examples (rather than big datasets).

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how to approach this problem (open set classification of diverse folder of images)

suppose we are presented with a folder of images. the task is just detect if any new image should belong in this folder or not. in this folder, there may be natural groups of images that are similar ...
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How could Bayesian neural networks be used for transfer learning?

In transfer learning, we use big data from similar tasks to learn the parameters of a neural network, and then fine-tune the neural network on our own task that has little data available for it. Here, ...
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Single-Shot Learning for Object Re-Identification

I am looking for a way to re-identify/classify/recognize x real life objects (x < 50) with a camera. Each object should be presented to the AI only once for learning and there's always only one of ...
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Is it ok to perform transfer learning with a base model for face recognition to perform one-shot learning for object classification?

I am trying to create a model that is using a one-shot learning approach for a classification task. We do this because we do not have a lot of data and it also seems like a good way to learn this ...
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What is the difference between one-shot learning, transfer learning and fine tuning?

Lately, there are lots of posts on one-shot learning. I tried to figure out what it is by reading some articles. To me, it looks like similar to transfer learning, in which we can use pre-trained ...
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Precise description of one-shot learning

I am working on classifying the Omniglot dataset, and the different papers dealing with this topic describe the problem as one-shot learning (classification). I would like to nail down a precise ...
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