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For theoretical questions that involve the OpenCV library. Note that asking about programming issues or about the software libraries is generally OFF-TOPIC here.

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How to run our python scripts utilizing our device's GPU? [closed]

My laptop has NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 GPU. I want to utilize this GPU to run my Python script. Any help in the form of code would be really helpful. I mean tried researching this so much but I couldn't ...
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What is the best approach to remove this additional container from the cropped image?

I'm working on a computer vision application in Python to analyze images of ice cream cuttings to measure the amount of variegate(ie. fruit syrup or fudge) compared to the base ice cream. My approach ...
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Image Alignment/Homography of Subject in Bounding Box

I've been trying to design an algorithm for aligning an object across two photos in realtime. I am able to localize the object (create an ROI/BBox) through an object detection (siamese) network for ...
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Best way to generate a human face over a face generated by FaceFormer framework?

FaceFormer framework generates a talking face from audio, focusing on the lip and face movement when a person talks. Now from that what would be the best way to generate a human face on top of that? I ...
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What is the difference between face identification, face verification, and face recognition?

I am confused. On some websites, face identification is just face detection, while face verification is finding the person's identification. They are both considered components of face recognition. ...
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openVINO human pose

Can someone give me a tip on what to research for predicting human pose with computer vision with the open VINO toolkit? Not a lot of wisdom here so any tips appreciated even at a high level on what I ...
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Mapping an image to a well defined object using OpenCV

I am completely new to computer vision and I am working on a small hobby project. The goal is to use camera footage of a foosball table to map the image to already well defined object geometry with ...
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Feature Extraction for printer classification

I need some advice. I am currently trying to do a printer classification with ML/DL. What do I have? 11 colored-images with high resolution from 8 different inkjet-printers (in total 88 images) I have ...
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Which method can accurately detect circular/angular shapes? (attached example)

Is there a method to detect shapes like these accurately and efficiently? I have tried the OpenCv Haar Casacade Classifier which does not work well. These shapes should all be the same class object ...
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How to classify two very similar images using Deep Learning?

I am a newbie in Computer Vision. I have a scenario in which I have a stationary camera in a factory. I want to detect whether the technician is working on the machine or not. Images are like the ...
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In SIFT, how is the coordinate system being rotated?

I need to understand how SIFT calculates the descriptors for the keypoints. Intuitively, I understand that it takes each keypoint, calculates the gradients for each pixel in a neighborhood of the ...
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What is the minimum video resolution I need to identify anyone with facial recognition?

I am currently working on a small project where I am trying to automate some stuff at home. I am building a model capable of identifying my face with OpenCV. This will be a live feed. I am making the ...
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Distinguishing between handwritten compound fraction and subtraction

I am working in a project named "Handwritten Math Evaluation". So what basically happens in this is that there are 11 classes of (0 - 9) and (+, -) each containing 50 clean handwritten ...
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Can I build a CNN for image classification tasks just with OpenCV? [closed]

I have practiced building CNNs for image classification with TensorFlow, which is a nice library with good documentation and tutorials. However, I found that TensorFlow is too complicated and ...
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