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For questions related to padding (the input) in the context of neural networks.

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How do neural networks deal with inputs of different sizes that are padded in order to have them of the same size?

I am trying to create an environment for RL where the size of my input (observation space) is not fixed. As a way around it, I thought about padding the size to a maximum value and then assigning &...
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1 answer

Is reconciling shape discrepancies the only purpose of padding?

Padding is a technique used in some of the domains of artificial intelligence. Data is generally available in different shapes. But in order to pass the data as input to a model in deep learning, the ...
1 vote
1 answer

Is it a good practice to pad signal before feature extraction?

Is padding, before feature extraction with VGGish, a good practice? Our padding technique is to find the longest signal (which is loaded .wav signal), and then, in ...
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What is the difference between zero-padding and character-padding in Recurrent Neural Networks?

For RNN's to work efficiently, we vectorize the operations, which results in an input matrix of shape (m, max_seq_len) where m ...
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Text classification of non-equal length texts, should I pad left or right?

Text classification of equal length texts works without padding, but in reality, practically, texts never have the same length. For example, spam filtering on blog article: ...
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Transpose convolution in TiF-GAN: How does "same" padding works?

This question should be quite generic but I faced the problem in the case of the TiF-GAN generator so I am going to use it as an example. (Link to paper) If you check the penultimate page in the ...