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Questions tagged [padding]

For questions related to padding (the input) in the context of neural networks.

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Is token mask masked in attention of encoders of bert?

I have recently researched on Bert structure. And the paper says we will mask some token at the input in 80%, 10% input be changed and 10% left remained. But I wonder if the mask token in the input be ...
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How to construct source padding mask for embedded audio?

I'm attempting a music transcription task - similar to speech recognition but with music and notes (string representations) instead of speech audio and sentences. The model consists of a CNN audio ...
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While fine-tuning a decoder only LLM like LLaMA on chat dataset, what kind of padding should one use?

While fine-tuning a decoder only LLM like LLaMA on chat dataset, what kind of padding should one use? Many papers use Left Padding, but is right padding wrong since transformers gives the following ...
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How is the padding mask incorporated in the attention formula?

I have been looking for the answer in other questions but no one tackled that. I want to ask you how is the padding mask considered in the formula of attention? The attention formula taking into ...
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How do neural networks deal with inputs of different sizes that are padded in order to have them of the same size?

I am trying to create an environment for RL where the size of my input (observation space) is not fixed. As a way around it, I thought about padding the size to a maximum value and then assigning &...
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Is reconciling shape discrepancies the only purpose of padding?

Padding is a technique used in some of the domains of artificial intelligence. Data is generally available in different shapes. But in order to pass the data as input to a model in deep learning, the ...
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Is it a good practice to pad signal before feature extraction?

Is padding, before feature extraction with VGGish, a good practice? Our padding technique is to find the longest signal (which is loaded .wav signal), and then, in ...
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What is the difference between zero-padding and character-padding in Recurrent Neural Networks?

For RNN's to work efficiently, we vectorize the operations, which results in an input matrix of shape (m, max_seq_len) where m ...
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Text classification of non-equal length texts, should I pad left or right?

Text classification of equal length texts works without padding, but in reality, practically, texts never have the same length. For example, spam filtering on blog article: ...
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Transpose convolution in TiF-GAN: How does "same" padding works?

This question should be quite generic but I faced the problem in the case of the TiF-GAN generator so I am going to use it as an example. (Link to paper) If you check the penultimate page in the ...
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