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What would be a good optimization technique for this kind of problem?

Problem Description: Since I am not sure if there is a scientific term that categorizes this problem, I will do my best to describe it thoroughly. Suppose there is a chamber that's being filled with ...
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Order of multiple Convolutional and Pooling layers in generated CNNs

I am reading this article: There, a multi layered particle swarm optimization of CNN parameters is presented. First step (layer) is ...
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Can particle swarm optimization be used to train neural networks with more than one hidden layer?

I've been thinking about the idea of replacing the classic gradient descent algorithm with an algorithm that is less sensitive to a local optimum. I was thinking about particle swarm optimization (PSO)...
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When should I use Genetic Algorithms as opposed to Particle Swarm Optimization?

For which problems are Genetic Algorithms more suitable than Particle Swarm Optimization, and vice-versa? Are there any guidelines?
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