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For questions related to path-finding algorithms, such as A*.

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Algorithm to solve a fault independent of its type

I am looking to plan a solution for a workspace fault and not hardware faults. Consider a task where a robot has to move balls from one place to another. In case it faces any condition which is ...
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Snake path finding variant : Algorithm choice

I am working on a project which maps to a variant of path finding problem. I am new to this area and I would be very grateful if you could give suggestions/ point to libraries for relevant algorithms. ...
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How to pathfind with volatile probabilities (Slay the spire)

I'm attempting to write an AI for the game Slay the Spire. One of the tasks it will need to do is navigate the map. The map is a directed acyclic graph with the same start and end node. Each node (...
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Approach for data transformation needed

I am looking for an algorithm to transform an input data to a goal data using a series of operations. The shorter the series the better. The following is known: the input data the goal data input ...
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How to teach an AI to race optimally in a racing game?

I play a racing game called Need For Madness ( some gameplay: ). NFM is a racing game, where the player can choose different cars and race and crash the ...
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Continuous Pathfinding for 3D Complex Environments

I'm the creator of an autonomous bot referred to as SwarmBot for Minecraft. One of SwarmBot's core features is its parkouring ability. Despite being relatively effective, there are instances where the ...
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Inquiry about utilising AI in CNC machining path generation

I will begin by describing a situation. I work in laser machining control company. The essence of the problem, to which I would like to try to apply AI based tool is this: Say I have a analytically ...
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Why is the greedy heuristic admissible and consistent for food at corners problem, but not for food anywhere problem?

UCBerkley has a great Intro to AI course (CS188) where you can practice coding up search algorithms. One of the exercises (question 6), asks to generate a heuristic that will have Pacman find all 4 ...
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Comparing heuristics in A* search and rescue operation

I was reading a research paper titled A Comparative Study of A-star Algorithms for Search and rescue in Perfect Maze (2011). I have some doubts regarding it: 1. The Evaluation Function of $\mathrm{A}^...
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